Mash Up Dreams for Nostalgics

Puppetblok@Dixon Place 2018.
Created by Leonie Bell, Rebecca Rouse and Sifiso Mabena.

Phenomenal women (#blackgirlmagic)

Puppetblok@Dixon Place 2019.
Video coming soon!

Image credit: Rebecca Rouse 2018.

A live-feed visual ASMR consideration of forgotten childhood plastics and other explosive situations. This is a drive-in movie about three trans-atlantic ex-children considering the forgotten plastics of their adolescence. A life-feed mash up of visual ASMR and hidden-object-reminiscence in the hope of creating a collective childhood experience. Waking dreams about explosive situations that show up unannounced. Other disruptions come over to play.

Image credit & Puppet Design : Maria Camia 2019.

Black girl magic is not transferable, it’s not a kink, you can’t get it by talking black or, stuffing yo’ ass. Like diamonds at the meeting of our thighs, the magic is made from the pressure of being a black woman. Black skin, without the white masks: they say desire faces up, while oppression flows down. Maya already told y’all though, “You may trod me in the very dirt But still, like dust, I'll rise”

Black queens: we are magic-we be doin’ and makin' the most with the very least.